Yesterday we introduced you to Masters winner Patrick Reed’s Wife, and today we tackle the tough subject of his parents. 

Reed celebrated his first-ever Masters Tournament win on Sunday, but noticeably absent were his parents, Bill and Jeannette Reed, and his younger sister, Hannah.

The Reed family has been estranged from the professional golfer for several years. While the public doesn’t know exactly what has transpired behind closed doors over the years, a few details about the family drama that have made their way onto the internet, thanks to a couple of social media posts.

“They’ve had no contact with their son since he got married, despite repeatedly emailing him and reaching out through intermediaries,” Golf Magazine previously reported.

 His Mom Posts About Him on Social Media Regularly & Has Been Supportive of His Career Despite Not Having a Relationship With Him

Reed’s wife, Justine, took to social media to share a lengthy message about her husband’s parents. In that post, Justine tried to explain why Patrick doesn’t talk to his parents, and accused them of abuse.

You can read Justine’s post below, transcribed from a screenshot supplied by The Sun

  “You, nor anyone else, know anything about Patrick and I or our private lives. His parents verbally and physically abused him for most of his life, abused alcohol, and would get in fist fights with him in the parking lots after bad rounds. Patrick was seen as a “meal ticket,” not my words, his. I love my husband and we have a beautiful daughter, Windsor-Wells Reed, and obviously none of you know my husband because no one controls him. He is a man who makes his own decisions and, as his wife, I help make decisions for our family and our lives. We are a team. The last thing I would ever want for my daughter is to grow up in an environment like my husband did. This is no sob story, we don’t have time for that. This is the truth. And if the media’s perception of him is obscure, it’s only because of his parent’s doings. Who talks about their children the way they did and write about him in a book? They are sick people and need help. Time will tell all. And people are starting to wake up and realize what kind of people his parents really are. You all should pick up the book: Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse. Yes, there are actual books on people like this. I am an RN and they are textbook cases.”

His sister’s response below:   

This family needs therapy. Talk about a cloud hanging over his Green Jacket. There’s always time for reconciliation, but this situation doesn’t look good. Guy wins the Masters, and now this is the story we hear. Damn shame.