In late February 2017, Matt Barnes was waived by the Kings. He signed on to play with the Warriors. 

Barnes became an NBA champion for the first time in his 14-year career by playing with Golden State. 

Apparently that was not enough to feel like a champion.

He was recently a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast and was introduces as Matt Barnes: NBA Champion. 

“We now welcome on NBA champion, Matt Barnes. Does it still feel good to have people introduce you like that?”

His answer:

“To be honest with you, I really don’t count that championship. Obviously through the process of my career and everything I accomplished — I earned it. But I got hurt going into the playoffs and I’ve never been given anything.

“I felt like because I wasn’t out there on the court with my guys — sweating and fighting — that it was given to me. I appreciate the opportunity and the ring, but I don’t really ever refer to myself as a champion or wear my ring.

“It has a nice ring to it but as far as just my mentality and the way I’ve always gone about things, I kind of feel like that was given to me.”

Barnes was inactive for the Warriors’ first four playoff games, and then played only 61 combined minutes over 12 games.

Totally understandable that he doesn’t feel like a champion. 

As long as his sons feel like Champs, that’s all that really matters. 

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