Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher have a long history of beef. The two don’t like each other, and now things won’t be any easier for the two after Barnes’ latest legal move. 

Barnes is playing hardball against former L.A. Lakers teammate Derek Fisher, highlighting his DUI conviction to discredit him as a viable witness in his ongoing legal beef with ex-wife, Gloria Govan.

Via the Blast

According to records obtained by The Blast, Barnes’ legal team filed documents into the restraining order he has against Govan, officially entering info on Fisher’s car crash and DUI arrest from last year. Back in June 2017, the former NBA coach and player flipped an SUV with Govan in the passenger seat while driving on a freeway in Los Angeles.

He was arrested and charged, but later plead no contest and was sentenced to 100-hours of community service. He was also ordered to install an ignition interlock device on his car that forced him to perform a breathalyzer before the vehicle would start. Ironically, the car Fisher crashed was registered to Matt Barnes. Fisher has filed declarations into the other cases between Barnes and Govan, and is expected to testify in their divorce case.

In the restraining order case, where Govan was arrested, she listed Fisher as a witness and he is expected to testify on her behalf. Taking preemptive action, Barnes’ team is trying to discredit anything Fisher says as unreliable. They’re hoping his DUI history paints the picture that anything he says cannot be trusted and is motivated by his relationship with Govan. 

The former ‘Basketball Wife’ recently submitted files declaring that her soon-to-be husband will testify on her behalf about “all of the issues” she’s had with Matt, including the August 31 custody chaos at their twin sons’ elementary school, which ultimately led to her felony child endangerment arrest.

In the past, Derek has filed declarations into the other cases between Gloria and Matt, and is once again expected to testify in their divorce case.

So far, Gloria Govan has yet to openly comment on Barnes plan of attack on D-Fish. These three need to do a reality show. 

Real Drama.