Matt Barnes reportedly filed a restraining order last week against the former reality star, who’s currently dating Derek Fisher, after her arrest last week.

Cops arrested her after she caused a huge scene outside of their sons’ school when she tried to pick them up early so that Matt couldn’t get them on his scheduled day to get them. She performed so bad, she ended up getting arrested. And the boys saw it all.

Now, Matt wants full custody of their kids. He claims she’s a danger to the boys, especially after that heated argument at their school that landed her in jail.

The former couple went to court recently and Matt’s restraining order against Gloria was granted. She must stay 100 yards away. As for seeing her kids, the judge allowed supervised visitation with them for 4-hours at a time.

I wonder how D-Fish is going to feel about this. The kids are the ones who will suffer, not the crazy ass adults.