Former NBA player Matt Barnes is being sued by his ex-wife Gloria Govan, who’s alleging he defamed her when he publicly claimed she defrauded him while they were married.

According to The Blast

Matt Barnes is accusing his ex-wife Gloria Govan and her parents of devising a scheme to embezzle over $300,000 of his money to buy a California home and he wants her mom and dad kicked out of the pad ASAP.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Barnes filed suit against Govan, her brother Lonnie and both of her parents accusing them all of fraud.

The ex-NBA star claims that during his marriage to Gloria, he believes she devised a plan with her family to embezzle funds from his bank account to fund the purchase of a home for her parents in Oakland, California.

Barnes says the scheme included “using a straw man” — in the form of Gloria’s brother — to purchase the home with Barnes’ signature being used as a co-purchaser, despite him being unaware of the purchase.

According to Barnes, his signature was forged and the defendants “masqueraded as Matt Barnes in order to advance their scheme of purchasing the property.”

Barnes also claims that after the home was purchased, the title was transferred to Gloria and a company named Mengo LLC. He says the LLC is a “mere shell company” created to shield the fraudulent scheme. Barnes says his name was removed from the title following the transfer.

He claims over $300,000 was embezzled from his bank account and transferred to a private bank account set up by Gloria. Barnes is suing for unspecified damages and for a court order stating he is the true owner of the home Gloria’s parents currently live in.

These two will never get along, never ever. The funny thing is, the lawyers are always the real winners.