ESPN’s Matt Hasselbeck’s job it to analyze tape, not personal stuff. And he was asked to analyze Allen’s tape from his Wyoming days, and it didn’t go well for him. 

The former NFL quarterback destroyed the soon-to-be-NFL QB, which you can see below.

Allen was asked Thursday night what his message is to Bills fans who look up his stats.

“Don’t do it,” Allen said. “Don’t look at the stats, trust me. I’d say, watch some game films, watch some of the stuff that I can do. I think very few quarterbacks can do some of the stuff that I can do and I take pride in that.

“Definitely got to learn and trust what my coaches tell me,” Allen added. “I’m going to get in the quarterback room, get with Nate [Peterman], get with AJ [McCarron], [and] try to become the best quarterback, the best teammate, that I can be whether it’s playing right away, whether it’s sitting and really learning from these guys, [that] is what I’m going to do. I just want to help this team win football games.”

The NFL draft is so over analyzed, and over-hyped, by draft night, no one even knows what’s going on. Very entertaining though.