Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia went off on a reporter on Wednesday for slouching in his seat while asking him a question.  

The reporter was attempting to ask how trading away their best receiver makes the Lions a better team before taking it on the chin from the disheveled head coach.

Via Detroit Free Press:

Reporter: “Why do you think this move makes your franchise better?”

Patricia: “Ah, well, you know. Do me a favor just kinda sit up, just like, have a little respect for the process. Every day you come and ask me questions and you’re just kinda like you know, ‘gimme this.’ “

Reporter: “I’m sitting …”

Patricia: “I’m asking just to be a little respectful in this whole process.”

Reporter: “Okay, that’s fine.”

Patricia: “So ask me a question professionally and I’ll answer it for you.”

Reporter: “Okay. Why do you feel like this move makes your franchise better?”

Patricia: “I think it’s important for us when we evaluate everything that we do as a franchise. I think there’s certain value that we can get at times during the season that will help us long term, and we obviously have faith and confidence in the people that are on this team right now. So we put all that into play and try to make sure that we’re making the best decision that we can in that moment and it’s hard, it’s very difficult when we’re kind of in that one-game-at-a-time mindset, that’s really where we are from the standpoint of it’s week to week for us and that’s good, but there’s also a big picture here that is good for it, those to keep an eye on as we move forward, and that’s something that we always have to consider when we make all these decisions. Whether it’s during the season, during the offseason, free agency, draft, whatever it is. Those are difficult decisions no matter when they come up.”

You can take the Patriots coach out of New England, but you can’t take the Patriot way out of the coach.  Who doesn’t love when a reporter gets put in his place?

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