There’s no bigger Mavs fan on the planet than owner Mark Cuban.  He’s all about his franchise.

So it’s not surprising that a call at the end of a close loss to the Hawks would cause Cuban to take to Twitter and trash NBA officiating.

The controversial call sealed the game for Atlanta.  A goaltend call that was called off allowed an easy putback score that somehow stood.

Hawks star Trae Young drove to the basket and had his shot blocked.  A whistle was blown and then John Collins grabbed the rebound for the easy putback.

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The referees initially called a goaltend on the block of Young’s shot.  The refs then ruled that the block was a clean one. 

Instead of giving the ball back to the Hawks, the refs awarded the basket on the putback despite the fact that it came after the whistle.  The basket put Atlanta up by four and sealed the game.

That set Cuban over the edge and on an epic Twitter rant.

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