Bookmakers are taking odds on Conor McGregor to lose whomever he fights next with him recently struggling with his fighting form. Many UK casinos not on gamstop and a number of other options are taking odds on his next fight. Conor broke his leg in his last fight when he lost to Poirier which led many fighting fans to think he won’t fight again due to his age and the injuries he keeps on getting. Conor lost to Khabib as well before his fight with Poirier, so he has not been having much luck over recent years compared to what we are usually used to seeing.

Who next?

McGregor could fight Poirier again but there have only been rumours about this so far with there not being any evidence from either fighter that they would like a rematch. Conor has been training hard to get back into his best shape and looking to make up for the recent fights that he has lost. There are UFC fans around the world that are saying McGregor should retire from MMA due to him not being in form in recent fights.

It is not clear if Conor will ever fight again with UFC fans losing their faith and respect for him due to him losing his recent fights which have put a lot of doubt in fans minds about his ability and it has put doubt in McGregor’s mind about his performances. Will we see McGregor fight again, no one knows if we will or won’t be due to him wanting to prove his worth again, but other fighters are not keen to fight him due to them not seeing him as a tough opponent anymore.

When could a fight happen?

There have been talks to fight at some point this year, but this seems unlikely with McGregor only recently recovering from that leg break he suffered during his last fight. Conor insists he is fit and ready to fight anyone so only time will tell if a fight takes place or not. There have been rumours that he could fight YouTuber Jake Paul in either a boxing or MMA fight with the pair who had exchanged words over social media and in person at a previous fighting event. 

With what has been mentioned above there should be a clearer insight into McGregor’s injury and if we can expect him to step back in the ring anytime soon.