Olympic gold medal gymnast McKayla Maroney, who was molested multiple times by team doctor Larry Nassar, is now attempting to obtain his employment records.  

She’s reportedly demanding the documents for her negligence lawsuit and has included the United States Olympic Committee in a series of subpoenas.

Via The Blast:

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the Olympic gold medalist recently fired off multiple subpoenas, demanding several people, including the Olympic committee, turn over documents and sit for a deposition in her negligence lawsuit.

The former gymnast wants information that is currently located at the Karolyi Ranch (USA Gymnastic National Training Center) in Huntsville, TX. Specifically, she wants the employment file of Larry Nassar, who is thankfully serving more than 175 years in prison.

Maroney wants answers regarding USOC’s sources of income, along with any documentation and communication concerning Nassar and parents that may have had concerns with the doctor’s treatment methods over the years.

If they thought Nassar going to jail was the end of this, they were sadly mistaken.  There are still some folks who screwed up and will be held accountable, one way or another and Maroney is going after them.