Barring something unforeseen, James Harden is going to win his first MVP this year after finishing second two of the last three seasons. Or maybe LeBron’s late season surge will nab him another MVP. Will find out soon enough. 

Either way, James will be finishing the regular season as a winner, as it looks like he’s having a lot of fun off the court. We’re being told he’s dating this girl, who seems to be spending a lot her time with James lately. From our tipster

His main chick right now is arabmoneyy. Arabmoneyy has her whole body done and her nose. Wears hella makeup. She’s a good Thot to keep around but not wifey material for James, and he’s just having fun with her. He’s also been flying her to his road games

The Houston Rockets superstar has some interesting taste in women, if we all  remember, he actually dated Khloe Kardashian. Check out some pics of his Main Chick below, you decide if she’s wifey material or not