As expected, LiAngelo Ball went un-drafted. But that’s not going to stop him from trying to catch on with a team. After no one showed interest, LiAngelo Ball announced he would play for the Los Angeles Ballers in Lavar’s JBA.

One person that has shown interest in Gelo is UCLA baller Jaden Owens. According to our tipster, LiAngelo and Jaden are seeing each other. 

From our exclusive source: 

Gelo is seriously on his grind right now and doesn’t want to disappoint his family or get distracted. He definitely likes Jaden a lot and there seems to be a mutual attraction but they’re both on their grind, they’re taking things slow, but they’re definitely exclusive, and definitely seeing each other

Just imagine if Gelo stayed in school. He and Jaden could be UCLA’s best ballers couple ever. Now who knows where Gelo’s career will go? The kid should have stayed in school, would have had a much better shot of making it to the NBA if he had. Oh well. At least Jaden has her shot at going Pro still alive.