Steve Garvey was a baseball legend. 

Now let’s meet his daughter. 

Olivia Garvey, a 2012 High School Graduate, is following in her sports family’s footsteps as the new sports reporter at NBC Palm Springs.

Before she landed that gig, she was doing a number of different sports jobs. 

“Basically, I had done some internships, and I was ready for a ‘Big Girl’ job and put my tape and résumé out there,” said the 24-year-old Garvey, the daughter of baseball legend Steve Garvey. “I applied to different places and the NFL Network called me and that was my first real network job, besides my internship at Spectrum which was also amazing.”

With the NFL Network, Garvey worked calling out plays to the on-air talent and editing video of touchdowns during long Sunday afternoons during the channel’s live show. The day ended when she helped put together a montage of every single touchdown scored that day at the end of the Red Zone Channel live coverage each NFL Sunday. 

Olivia said having the last name Garvey certainly has helped open a few doors in her career so far, but once you’ve entered the door, you have to have the goods. She prefers to be thought of based on her own abilities.

“It does help. Sometimes, sure,” she said. “But I like to kind of sneak that fact in, I don’t always make a big deal about my last name because obviously I want to be thought of on my own merits.”

As for her father, he’s seen a lot in the world of sports and sports on TV, but plopping down on the couch at their home in Palm Desert and turning on the news to see his daughter delivering the sports news? That’s something new and exciting for him.

“Her mother and I had a tear in our eye,” said Steve, now 70 . “We’re a family of sports, family of TV. So she’s been in and around it. And she really loves it. It is kind of wild, they’re used to watching dad on there, and mom years ago, but the most important thing is when she was trying to figure out what to do in life, and I asked her what she really wants to do, she said ‘sports journalism.'”

Looks like she’s a chip off the old block. 

Check out more pics of Olivia below: 

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