Shaun Livingston’s career nearly ended with a grotesque knee injury. Instead he’s a two-time NBA champion seeking another title. Livingston will be suiting up tonight for another shot at a title. 

His best playing days are behind him, but he provides a key boost off the bench for the Warrios. .Livingston purchased his first house since the Playa del Rey mansion he bought as an 18-year-old rookie with the Clippers. It was in the backyard of his Oakland hills home that Livingston married his longtime girlfriend, Joanna, in August 2017. His future secured through the 2019-20 season, Livingston is content to help raise their 7-month-old daughter, Tyler Marie, and chase another ring with the Warriors.

“Just being in this situation, it’s amazing,” Livingston said. “Coming home, it’s like a renewed purpose. You’ve got a kid, you’ve got a wife who is kind of looking at you to provide stability. It’s cool. It’s something different, too. My first 12 years in the league, it was nothing like this.” Meet Shaun’s better half Joey, who he married back in August 2017. They h

Check out some pics of Livingston’s better half below. Shaun is a lucky man.