Congratulations to T.J. McConnell! TJ had one hell of  a game last night, and has extended the Sixers season by at least one game. Sixers Coach Brett Brown inserted point guard T.J. McConnell into the starting lineup for Game 4 and the Arizona product scored a career-high 19 points to extend the Sixers’ season.

So this has everyone asking, who is this guy dating? Well, he’s actually married. In a ceremony in Pittsburgh, McConnell wed his high school sweetheart Valerie Guiliani!  The two got married about eight months ago.  You can see a pic from their wedding day below. 

He started in place of the struggling Robert Covington, and he brought an energy to the game that the Sixers desperately needed. Check out more of this gritty player’s wife Valerie, Welcome to the big time TJ!