Tiger Woods has made headlines this week, as he’s reportedly staying on his $20 million yacht for the US Open in the Hamptons. 

Several star golfers have posted photos of themselves in The Hamptons with their significant others this week. We haven’t spotted Tiger with his girlfriend as of yet, so we figured why not reintroduce her to the world.  

Earlier this year Tiger was spotted with Erica Herman, the general manager of Woods’ restaurant, The Woods, in Jupiter, Fla. Herman was credentialed as a “player’s spouse” during that tournament, per Golf.com. She’s been laying relatively low for a while. 

Herman has since been spotted with Woods at a few other tournaments as well, but Tiger hasn’t been spotted with her for a bit. Does this mean Tiger and Erica have broken up? Hard to say, you never know what’s going on with Tiger and his lady friends.