WWE wrestler Sheamus is dating Isabella Revilla.  She’s a much younger lady who went from fan to girlfriend.  

We know this from information we were sent that includes a statement from someone he used to date.

I find the fact Stephen (Sheamus… whatever you want to call him) is dating Isabella HILARIOUS. I once dated him (this was over 5 years ago) and he used to talk shit about not only her, but some Irish girl for being such obessesive fans! I doubt this lasts because I know for a fact once she’s not around, he’s out on the town!! But she so obsessed with him I’m sure she’ll just put up with anything if she gets to continue sleeping with him. And if she’s pregnant, she’s probably trying to lock him down for the next 18 years. GREAT FOUNDATION FOR A RELATIONSHIP!

Isabella is 21 and he’s 40. He could be her dad! He has been following her on social media since she was in high school. This is gross! He must be going through a mid life crisis. Probably because he sleeps around so much (I can confirm he doesn’t like protection… even though he should since his P is UC) and obsesses over his career, all he can get is some child who he knows is obsessed with him.

Here’s a video showing the couple hanging out at a bar and a closer look at Sheamus’ girlfriend.