Do you know where you can wager your bonus of up to 9,000 INR on your first deposit? That’s right, the Megapari lineup, which features a huge variety of sports. Here you can find not only the most popular ones in India like cricket but even rugby and other sports. We have prepared a detailed description. 


This sport tops all the tops in India. And it’s understandable because the sport is the national sport in India. And most bookmakers who open their platforms to Indian players make their offer on this sport.

More often than not, bettors who love basketball favor the IPL. However, Megapari App for Sports Betting is synonymous with offering events for betting. Therefore, you can also find T20, ICC, and much more here.


Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world, which is why betting on football matches is at the top of most bookmakers’ menus. Making a wager on a specific outcome at the end of one-half of the full match is referred to as a “football bet.” For example, if a prop bettor predicts that at least three goals will be scored in a game, he will place a wager in the bookmaker’s office (for example, a total of more than 2.5). If the bet wins, the bettor receives the money; if it loses, the bookmaker receives the bet. 

It is critical to note that in football betting, only regulation and extra time are taken into account for the majority of wagers. Extra time and penalty kicks are not taken into account. Bets can be placed on the most popular tournaments like the Champions League or Europa League. As well as the European national championships, which are popular all over the world.


Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports in the world. Each season sees major battles between top athletes and millions of spectators. Tennis betting has also become very popular in betting circles. That’s why Megapari can’t help but develop its tennis offer. 

Tennis tournaments are varied, and without getting involved in this world, it is easy to get confused by the number and status of the contests. Men’s tournaments are run by the ATP, while women’s tournaments are run by the WTA. There are also ITF ranked tournaments, but these are smaller tournaments that the leaders don’t look at, so the capsids don’t even consider them. And Megapari offers its events and good odds on all of the above.


Basketball betting can result in large payouts for Megapari users. This is one of the most exciting and spectacular sports. So it’s no surprise that many bettors choose to wager on basketball. Because the outcome of a basketball contest can change quickly, live betting is highly popular, allowing observant bettors to make big sums of money on these odds.

Basketball, unlike football and ice hockey, is appropriate for risky gamblers, particularly those who prefer to bet in real-time. Make your own decision: The score in a basketball game is large, and the clear favorite may lose by 10-20 points during the game, then come back to win.


Esports are various online games: Legends, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, Hearthstone. Their popularity is growing exponentially. Tournaments and competitions organized by the creators and fans of these games are in big demand among gamers from all over the world. Many sports channels broadcast these spectacular tournaments.

Ardent fans from all over the world not only watch the exciting action with gusto but also make predictions and bet on winning the strongest team. That’s why online betting is becoming more and more popular and has long been a trend. And as we know Megapari keeps an eye on the trends, so you can find this kind of betting at Megapari. 

Types of Bets at Megapari App

Single Bets. In this case, the bettor is betting that a particular outcome of a particular event will come about. Examples of this type of sports betting including betting on Chennai Super King’s victory against Delhi Capitals. And the Megapari app has a feature like one-click betting, which speeds up the game considerably. 

Multiple Bets. It is a type of bet that involves placing several bets on different events, usually unrelated to each other, in the same betting slip. In other words, multiple singles are combined into a single bet. Why do bettors make a single bet? It is very simple: the odds for a single bet are bigger than those for a single event. The total odds are obtained by multiplying all the selections in the betting odds. Moreover, it is in this type of betting that you need to wager your Megapari bonus.

Bets on Cricket at Megapari App 

Individual bets. The odds-on goals from obviously strong players are small, but such bets add variety to betting.

Team win. This is the most typical bet on a win for one of the teams. 

Total. It is a bet on the total number of goals, goals, points scored by both opponents, one of the teams, a particular player, during the match/half of the match.