In a profile from SI’s Robert Klemko released yesterday, Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon talked about he’s not feeling his new digs, and how he really liked life in San Diego:

Father and son exchange game tickets and hugs, and Gordon is on the road to Carson. Soon enough, traffic slows to a crawl, and Gordon begins to calculate just how much of his game day he spends in his Range Rover. It’s a time for meditation, to get lost in the hip hop bellowing through the speakers—it’s not a time for brake lights. “I don’t really like this area too much, to be honest.”

“I loved San Diego. It was my kind of energy, my kind of vibe. It was a perfect place for me. Everything was perfect.”

He also reportedly liked a post saying San Diego> Los Angeles. 

Which he now disputes. 

Oh, he was talking about Orange County. Another place 99% of the population would love to live. 

Sometimes its better to keep quiet about the city you’re playing in. The Chargers are in Los Angeles for good, not too smart of Melvin to be talking bad about anywhere in California.