During Bryce Harper’s introductory press conference, the newest Phillie had a slip up when he was talking about winning a World Series in Philadelphia.  The $330 million man said, “we want to bring a title back to DC.”

It’s an understandable mistake given he spent the first part of his career in DC with the Washington Nationals.  But in this day and age of social media, Harper was roasted for it.

The latest to pile on his New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.  He took to Instagram and captioned a picture of himself with his own variation of the “we want to bring a title back o DC” slip up.

Harper can expect to see plenty of that quote around ballparks all season, especially when he goes back to DC to play his former team.  

Syndergaard is in really no position to make fun of Harper, both the Nationals and the Phillies have a better shot of bringing a title home than the Mets do.

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