Former porn star Mia Khalifa was spotted in the front row on Thursday night for Game 4 of the Capitals-Lightning series.  Unfortunately for the Caps she didn’t bring her team any luck, despite almost falling out of her top.

Khalifa managed to get a little camera time during the game and made the most of it.  While jumping up and down cheering on the Caps, she nearly fell out of her top.  

Khalifa would later bring up her boobs by tweeting out that she had taken a puck to one of them.

Have no worries she doesn’t appear to have been seriously injured by the puck and all still appears to be in place.  There’s no word on if she’ll be falling out of any of her clothing for Game 5, but we’ll keep our eyes on it just in case.

UPDATE: Mia says she might have ruptured her breast implant…that is an unfortunate development.