Michael Beasley defended the array of personalities the Los Angeles Lakers have added around LeBron James this offseason and said Monday that he doesn’t like the idea of people judging them on their personas or reputations.

Beasley scoffed at the notion of the Lakers’ chemistry becoming an issue.

“For there to even be a narrative of the personalities in this room is judgment enough for me, and I don’t want to be a part of that,” Beasley said.

“You being a critic doing your job, [if] everybody do their job and stop judging a lot of players — me mainly — you will figure out that guys like me, Nick Young, JR Smith and Lance Stephenson and guys like that know how to play basketball and win basketball games, know how to get along with others. It is nothing to do with my maturity.”

When Michael Beasley becomes the sound of reason, that has to be a little bit alarming.