The legend of the GOAT continues to grow. 

Former Blackhawks star Jeremy Roenick appeared on WSCR’s McNeil & Parkins Show.

Roenick was asked if he ever gambled with Jordan on the golf course, leading Roenick to recall a fantastic story. 

According to Roenick, he and Jordan went golfing towards the end of an NBA and NHL season in the 90s.

The Blackhawks had the day off, but the Bulls had a game that night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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After playing a round of golf and winning a “couple thousand (dollars),” off Jordan, Roenick assumed the two were parting ways for the day.

Instead, the duo played another round, drinking “all afternoon.”

Roenick joked how he was going to bet all the money he won off Jordan on the Cavaliers to win. Jordan upped the stakes, betting Roenick he’d score more than 40 points and the Bulls would beat the Cavaliers by 20. 

According to Roenick, Jordan scored 52 and the Bulls won by “26 or something” after Jordan played 36 holes of golf and had “maybe 10 Bud Lights.”

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