Michael Jordan owns approximately 90 percent of the Charlotte Hornets with the current estimated value of the team at $1.2 billion.

The NBA approved the purchase of the Hornets by Jordan with just $30 million in cash. The then-Bobcats were valued at $275 million at the time of purchase.

The NBA almost certainly would not approve that type of deal today, but the league and global economy were both in a very different place in 2010  

The Hornets have typically operated at a loss, but league documents showed Jordan’s fellow owners sent him more than $130 million in revenue assistance between 2012 and 2017.

This is a deal only a GOAT could pull off. 

In a rarity, Michael Jordan spoke publicly for 30 minutes today, touching mostly on All-Star preparations. 

He briefly discussed Hornets star Kemba Walker and settled a potential debate in only the way he can. 

MJ has a billion reasons to be psyched for All-Star weekend. 

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