Michael Jordan announced that he would be sending $2 million dollars to anyone affected by Hurricane Florence.

Jordan’s breakdown of the money he’s offering finds him giving $1 million to the American Red Cross, along with $1 million to the Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response fund.

Jordan, who has family in coastal North Carolina, said he knew he had to help after seeing the destruction that Florence caused.

“At the end of the day, it makes you think about the path that you have taken, and where your life has taken you,” Jordan said. “And I just feel like, well, maybe if I can help in some sort of way all of the people, and all of the places, that have helped me along the road.”

He said that his family was unharmed by the storm and that he would visit them once the area is safe.

Jordan’s NBA team —the Charlotte Hornets, are also set to donate food boxes to victims in need. Along with that, the Charlotte Hornets have created a shirt that says “Carolina Strong” with the intention of giving 100 percent of proceeds to victims in need.

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