Give another W for MJ.

The longstanding legal battle between Michael Jordan and Chinese sports retailer Qiaodan may finally be coming to a close.

China Daily reports that the Supreme People’s Court in China has ruled in favor of Jordan, ending an eight-year trademark dispute with Chinese sportswear company after it was accused of misleading customers into believing that the brand was connected.

The top court has overturned two previous rulings made by lower courts in Beijing, which now prohibits the brand from using the Chinese translation of Jordan’s name, Qiaodan, on its products, as seen on some of the knock-off Air Jordan sneakers it’s released in the past.

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The complicated legal saga dates all the way back to 2012 when Jordan sued Qiaodan for the illegal use of his name and even winning the case against the brand in 2016.4

One year later, Qiaodan took action and filed its own suit against Jordan over similar claims.

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