Pitcher Michael Kopech made his MLB debut for the White Sox on Tuesday, with his girlfriend Vanessa Morgan in attendance.  That prompted the internet to dig up some old tweets from the flamethrower and they’re not great.  

Kopech joins Trea Turner, Sean Newcomb and Josh Hader as the latest baseball player to have these kinds of tweets revealed.  He addressed them and attempted to explain himself. 

Via Chicago Sun Times

“Yeah, I had to delete some stuff,” Kopech told the Sun-Times on Thursday. “Things I said that were immature and inappropriate. I used some poor language in there. Obviously, I’m trying to be looked at as a role model and the last thing I want to do is have some kid look at what I’m saying and take it the wrong way.

“It’s unfortunate that I was ever at that point mentally but it’s not who I am now. Yeah, I cleaned some tweets up and tried to get rid of them. But, obviously, people saw them. It’s not who I am now and it’s not who I want to be. It was something I did in high school, and with everything I’ve gone through in pro ball the last five seasons I feel like a big part of my career was maturing. Hate to see it but it’s not who I am anymore.”

Kopech makes it clear that these tweets aren’t who he is anymore.  It’s hard to judge a young man for something he sent out as a teenager.  

If he continued this kind of behavior that’s one thing, but if he’s truly changed we should give him the benefit of the doubt.