Seasoned actor Michael Rapaport has sued Barstool Sports for firing him, refusing to pay $575,000 for a podcast and satellite radio show , and then selling t-shirts that showed him with herpes after he was fired by Barstool. 

Via TMZ:

“Rapaport says some of the staffers — including Portnoy, KFC and Smitty — mocked him publicly, calling him names like “herpe having, race baiting, D-list actor” and “old crusty herpe.”

Meanwhile Rapaport is having a great Tuesday. 

“Unfortunately as much I’d love to take credit for ruining his career he did it to himself by being an unhinged lunatic. We wish him nothing but the best as he fades into oblivion.” – Portnoy 

Rapaport came in hot, and left hot. This is the kind of volatile relationship that was only going to end up in the court system.  

Let’s hope they televise this intense showdown.