Michael Thomas and Josh Norman went from the football field to the locker room to Twitter, where the Saints receiver ripped the Redskins cornerback in a back-and-forth that carried well into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Norman was one of several Redskins players to criticize Thomas after the Saints’ 43-19 victory Monday night.

Norman, in a tweet that has since been deleted, responded by accusing Thomas of “clout chasing,” followed by an emoji of a clown. Norman also stated that Thomas did not have a reception when the two lined up against each other and called Thomas a “blocking decoy.”

Thomas called Norman a “Zone Corner” and said that he is “going to bully you ever(y) time I see you.” Thomas also poked fun at Norman’s “cheap ahh suit” and said, “You 30 yrs old dude. Life comes at you fast.”

Thomas then called out Norman for deleting his tweets, calling him a “Goof ball con artist.”


Thomas set the NFL record for most catches in the first two years of a career from 2017-2018 (196) and the most catches through the first three weeks of a season this year (38). He finished with 74 yards on four receptions Monday night.

This is just flat out entertaining.