Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is meeting with Antonio Brown on Tuesday to discuss his absence from work Monday and other issues surrounding the All-Pro receiver.

AB’s tweet saying Trade me isn’t helping out the situation either. 

Tomlin said he won’t comment directly on player happenings on social media, which features “gray area” and “very little accountability,” but he made clear players should be held to a higher standard.

“It’s important that we understand our position, the light that shines on us and the responsibility that comes with it,” Tomlin said. “It’s been a couple of instances now where you’ve asked me about Antonio regarding some social media-like things, I’ll address that and address that very directly with him, but I will leave that between he and I. I won’t utilize this forum to address such things. I just don’t’ believe it’s appropriate. I believe this forum is a very professional one.”

Asked if he’s tired of Brown being the same player he’s asked about repeatedly regarding social media issues, he opted to focus on his next game. 

Whatever is going on with the Steelers is just being compounded by them having zero wins after two weeks. Winning cures all.