Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan indulged in some Californian greenery in a recent appearance on former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast.

Tyson is launching a cannabis business in California, where the drug is legal for both recreational and medicinal use.

Morgan said:

‘When in Rome’ when handed a joint by the youngest world heavyweight champion of all time. 

The 54-year-old Morgan took a puff of the joint, prompting Tyson to cheer excitedly. 

Watch below: 

Piers talked about the meet and greet with the Daily Mail:  

 “I found him sitting on a sofa in his offices near Manhattan Beach, smoking a massive spliff. As our chat wound up, I picked up one of the remaining spliffs on the table, looked at Tyson and said: ‘When in Rome, Champ… got a light?’ He exploded with laughter as he passed me a lighter and carried on roaring as I lit up the joint and took a long – legal! – puff.

“We hugged again and he handed me a goody-bag of gifts of the leaf variety,” Morgan said.

“Whatever your side of the debate about marijuana – I view it as less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes – I’ve never seen a happier, calmer Mike Tyson.”

You see weed does really work, it turns lunatic boxers into pot smoking teddy bears. 

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