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Roommate Talk Posts Are 100 Percent User SUBMITTED And We Cannot Confirm With 100 Percent Certainty The Validity of These Stories. Sip tea wisely. _______________________________________ Hey ShadeRoom, _______________________________________ I know it’s a new year and all but I’ve had enough of Michael Vick out here playing my homegirl! He’s been hooking up with her on the side for a couple of months now when he flys to LA to film his sports show with Fox on the weekends. He told her he wasn’t married at first and I’m just over seeing her take this L. Hopefully this married man, who just welcomed a baby boy back in November, can get it together for his WIFE. _______________________________________ Signed TheFriendThatDontPlay _____________________________________________________________We can confirm it’s Michael Vick in the video)— visit for clearer pics

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