Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer made his weekly appearance on KFAN’s “X’s and O’s” and during the visit he said that safety Andrew Sendejo was flagged for unnecessary roughness even though the tackle was within the rules.  He claims the referee admitted throwing the flag on the hit despite the hit being a legal one.


“He (Sendejo) said, ‘What could I have done different?'” Zimmer said on KFAN. “He (the official) said ‘You did everything right. You couldn’t have done anything different. They just want us to throw the flag.'” 

The NFL wants referees to throw flags on legal hits now?  We’re closer to flag football than we previously realized.  I mean you can’t breathe too hard on the quarterback now, that one we knew about, we had no idea that referees are being told to flag legal hits.  The end of football as we know it is here.