The Next Little Hercules

Mini Chechen muscleman Rakhim Kurayev has posted a new “world record” for dips on the bars.

While most of us would struggle to reach double figures, the six-year-old managed an incredible 330 dip repetitions on the bars in what was recognized as a record for his age group by officials.

Kurayev first made the headlines last year when he did 4,105 push-ups without stopping.

It did, however, earn the youngster known as the ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ a flashy white Mercedes from local leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

He later went on to complete 3,202 push-ups, one of a reported seven records he now holds for his age group.

Kurayev completed his latest feat in front of the cameras at the Chechen TV channel ‘Grozny’, with an official Russian Book of Records official confirming the achievement

He is something of a local celebrity, with his social media accounts packed full of his martial arts training and weightlifting exploits.

Keep an eye out for more record-breaking achievements as the muscle-mad youngster continues to test his physical limits.

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