Mino Raiola, a famous football agent, sparked a new wave of Paul Pogba controversy, commenting the French player is not Solskjaer’s “property”. Raiola plans to reach Manchester United Manager in order to arrange the matters.

The backlash followed Solskjaer’s statement when he declared that Pogba is Manchester’s player and not Mino’s. Raiola said that he has no problems with Norwegian, though such comments are inappropriate. 

In his post-match interview, when United beat Chelsea 2:0, Solskjaer did not say anything about Raiola’s comment, stating he could probably talk to him if necessary.

There are severe problems in Manchester United concerning Pogba, and the recent events prove that. Raiola declared, he has nothing personal with the team or manager but saying Paul is United’s property was disrespectful.

The following circumstances pave the way for Pogba’s departure. This is predicted to cause major shifts with local punters as well as Norwegian experts, also referred to as bettingsider in Norway, due to Solskjaer’s affiliation with the country. Pogba is most likely a favorite to leave the team this summer. He is a world cup winner player, of course, but the team performances show, he is seeking new challenges.

What went wrong for Pogba at Manchester United?

26-year-old has always been considered one of the promising youngsters in Europe. Due to his stature, vision, and strength, Pogba is a high-level player, and every team looks to have him in their sides. 

Starting a career in Manchester United, Paul Pogba could not fully manage to establish himself in the team and left United for Juventus in 2012. He quickly showed his playing skills and became an integral part of the team’s midfield alongside Andrea Pirlo.

After a four-year stint with the club, Manchester contemplated returning the former player, and in 2016 Pogba joined the English side for a then-record for the highest football transfer fee of €105 million. He was met with a lot of expectations and fans viewed him as the engine for the club’s plans.

Despite the fact, Manchester United won Europe League in the first season, Pogba arrived, he still failed to live up to people’s anticipations. He was absent from several decisive games, had a fluctuating form and delivered bad performances.

When Jose Mourinho was sacked in 2018 following his results, Solskjaer managed to revive Pogba, offering him a suitable role. He scored in consecutive matches, and everyone noticed his resurgence.

However, this season has been poor for Pogba, only playing 7 Premier League games. Injury woes troubled the Frenchman, although it is not the only reason for his inferior performance. 

Pogba scored 31 goals in 143 matches for United – not an unacceptable number for a midfielder. Still, he does not realize his full potential and has problems with behavior as well.

The rest of the season will be crucial for him. He will stay at the team till the summer transfer window opens. Many teams express interest in signing Pogba – no wonder. The player himself is inclined to leave the club, and it seems Solskjaer will not manage to keep him in the club. But the latter is similarly under pressure to maintain his position as a coach.