A minor league hockey referee proved over the weekend that he’s not getting paid enough to breakup fights.  During a playoff game the referee got mistaken for one of the players and ate a couple of punches before being knocked out cold.

Our friends over at Busted Coverage have the details:

In what appears to be a tragic incident during a LNAH (Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey — Quebec league & it’s notorious) game, a referee was drilled by Hubert Poulin of the St. Georges Cool 103.5 FM with a couple of vicious punches that left him laying on the ice Sunday during a playoff game — at the 0:03 mark of the 1st period — at the Colisée Cardin in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec where fans were left stunned at what they had just seen.

The video seems to show a confused Poulin, with his jersey obstructing his view, thinking he’s still fighting David Lacroix and throwing wild punches at the linesman. He was hit with an aggression towards an official penalty and what you can assume will be a suspension for the remainder of the playoffs. This being the LNAH, what is known as one of the most insane fighting hockey leagues in hockey, Poulin — playing in his 10th LNAH season — might not get a ban over this. Look, I don’t keep track of too much LNAH action, but I know enough about the LNAH to know it’s the wild west of hockey.

Forget about breaking up fights.  If two very large humans on skates want to throw down even after they fall down, let them have at it.  Unless you’re a wild man who wants to test your chin.

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