Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker thinks former Ole Miss QB Eli Manning needs a campus statue, because who doesn’t want to see an Eli Manning statue? 


Eli Manning deserves to be immortalized in bronze at his alma mater … so says Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who tells TMZ Sports the former-Ole Miss QB needs a campus statue!!!Of course, Eli’s big bro, Peyton, already has a monument built for him in Indianapolis … and the Mannings as a fam have been recognized in a few different ways already at Ole Miss.But, Wicker says Eli — who’s a legend with BOTH the Rebels and the NY Giants — “absolutely” should have his own statue at the school.”Eli Manning is a great athlete. Two Super Bowl rings. A good family man. A good humanitarian. And, he volunteers his time.”

Watch below: 

Eli Manning is  just one of five players to win multiple Super Bowl MVPs. 

Three of them, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Bart Starr, are already in the Hall of Fame. 

Tom Brady is the fourth and we know he’s the GOAT.

Not sure Eli deserves a statue, but hey, he seems like a nice enough guy. 

Why not? 

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