When you’re living in Chicago, you never want to see anything disparaging about deep dish pizza. 

The Windy City is known for its incredible Deep Dish pizza. 

Enter Chicago Bears QB, Mitchell Trubisky.  

Via an interview with The Dan Le Batard Show via NBC Sports Chicago:  

“It can be overrated,” Trubisky said when talking about Chicago’s famed deep dish.

“That’s why thin crust is definitely OK. You can eat more pieces of thin crust.”

Host Dan Le Batard told Trubisky that his pizza opinion would make him less popular in Chicago than former Bears kicker Cody Parkey.

“That’s not true,” Trubisky responded.

Co-host Stugotz called him “Mitchell Hall-of-Fame-sky” for that answer

As long as Mitch continues to get better, and the Bears continue to make the playoffs, I think Chicagoans can let this one slide. 

However, the minute he starts sucking…

Here are some of his other hot takes on food:  

  • Nacho cheese Doritos over cool ranch
  • Pizza rolls over bagel bites
  • Trubisky prefers his steaks medium: “You’re not allowed to put anything on a steak”
  • Water is the best drink in the history of drinks
  • It’s called “pop” not “soda”
  • A hot dog is not a sandwich, it’s a hot dog
  • The only thing he puts on his hot dogs is ketchup


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