James Holzhauer is destroying the “Jeopardy!” board on a weekly basis, accruing $1,691,008 over 22 consecutive wins. He’s the second-longest running champion with more to build on when the show returns May 20 after its tournament weeks.

Holzhauer, 34, had dreams of working in an MLB front office when he was young and when he made this known last week, at least one team showed anonymous interest in his services.

Now executives with the Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles are noticing his success and what he could bring to the sport.

Washington Post asked if teams would actually hire him, here’s there response:  

Billy Beane, Oakland A’s executive vice president of baseball operations and man of “Moneyball” fame, told the Washington Post:

“My first thought when I saw him was: We have to get this guy in baseball.”

Red Sox president and chief executive officer Sam Kennedy:

“Absolutely, yes. We put a huge premium on analytical abilities both on the baseball side and business side. Without question, when we interview young professionals coming out of college, that skill set is hugely important.”

Orioles vice president and assistant general manager Sig Mejdal:

“Absolutely. He’s very intriguing. … [But] It looks like his days are still pretty busy.”

No team has made an offer to Holzhauer and per the report, no team has gone on the record to give “real interest” in hiring him either. 

“I see a similarity in how we think. Of all the analysts we’ve hired in St. Louis, Houston and Baltimore, none have come from the baseball industry. They’ve all been from outside. They may have been involved in baseball research as a hobby, but it wasn’t their primary occupation. What there was, was a passion for the sport.”

Any team would be foolish not to hire this guy. The PR alone would be worth whatever they’re going to pay him. 

In the meantime he still has a lot of Jeopardy left in him, so MLB teams can do some more homework on James. 

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