MLB Attendance is way down. 

The Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles was empty, as no one apparently wanted to watch two noncompetitive clubs go at it.

While the Rays actually have the best record in the American League, they typically don’t draw large crowds.

Ray versus Royals yesterday had a ton of empty seats.

According to USA Today, 12 teams averaged fewer fans in March and April than they did compared to last season. The Toronto Blue Jays lead the way with a staggering 33 percent decrease.

The Blue Jays are far from the only rebuilding team to lose fans. The Miami Marlins, Minnesota Twins, Royals and San Francisco Giants have been the five biggest attendance losers thus far. Of that group, only the Twins went out and made significant additions in the offseason.

The Giants’ failure to draw fans is the most surprising, according to USA Today.

The most startling loss comes in San Francisco. The Giants have been almost perennial contenders and drew at least 3 million fans in 18 of 20 seasons at Oracle (neé Pacific Bell and AT&T) Park. Bound for their third straight losing season and with a concerted rebuilding effort at hand, the Giants are averaging 32,665 fans – down 17% from an average of 39,278 in March-April 2018.

It isn’t the weather either. As USA Today notes, there have been fewer postponements in 2019. The average temperature is also up compared to last season.

Baseball games are long, and are a serious commitment.  

Also teams are rebuilding way too often. 

MLB needs to bring the fun back to baseball. 

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