Rival flyweights Brandon Royval and Jerome Rivera stepped into the cage to put it all on the line but the bout was over in just 40 seconds.

During a heated exchange of limbs, Rivera somehow managed to dislocate his arm which caused it to hang the wrong way. The stunned American attempted to ran away while trying to evade Royval’s strikes.

Rivera copped both a kick and knee to the head before the ref noticed that his arm was doing things it shouldn’t be and called a stop to the fight, awarding Royval a TKO victory.

It appeared as if the ref did indeed see Rivera’s dangly arm but he was just a bit slow to put a stop to the contest.

Despite causing his opponent a world of pain inside the cage, Royval made sure he paid Rivera a visit after he’d received medical attention.

Afterwards the two fighters got together for a picture, and everyone walked away living and breathing. That arm was just dangling. Doing this to earn a living could make you certifiably nuts.