Pay Up Brock

WWE performer and occasional MMA figther Brock Lesnar has reportedly still not paid the fine imposed by the Nevada Athletic Commission for a drug test failure in 2016.

This will cause problems if he wants to fight in the Octagon again. 

Lesnar, the only man to hold heavyweight gold in both the UFC and WWE, is set to resume his mixed martial arts career this year, but any potential return to the octagon can only come after he has settled an outstanding fine with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The NAC imposed a $250,000 sanction on Lesnar for testing positive for banned substances in the wake of a UFC 200 win against Mark Hunt in July 2016. The bout was declared a no-contest. 

Ahead of a rumored heavyweight title fight with current champion Daniel Cormier this year, Lesnar reportedly remains under indefinite suspension with the commission until the financial penalty has been cleared.

Bennett has since confirmed to MMA Weekly that Lesnar's fine is still outstanding.

Lesnar enrolled in the USADA testing pool last summer and must submit six months' worth of clean tests before being declared an active competitor, as is the case with any fighter who is returning from a competitive hiatus.

He was tested five times last year, including at least once in the fourth quarter, indicating that both he and the UFC are serious about a return to MMA.

I want to see Brock back in the Octagon as soon as possible. 

Maybe someone should start a Go Fund Me to help Brock get back to real fighting. 

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