When people say that mobile sports betting is the way of the future, we disagree, and it’s because mobile betting is all the rage as we speak.

According to the numbers, mobile phone betting includes almost half of the entire online betting market, and everyone is expecting the numbers to grow. Without any further introduction, let’s go over the details so that you can decide for yourself if mobile betting is for you or not.

What’re mobile sports betting in a nutshell?

As everything is happening on our mobile devices right now, it was only natural that people in the betting industry would develop online betting options for our mobile phones. Some sites provide online betting apps, whereas others are trying to create mobile versions of the websites. Either way, it’s pretty clear that you can bet no matter if you’re watching a game at the bar or while traveling. The big difference is that you can place your bet right on your mobile phone.

Are there many differences between mobile betting and betting on your desktop?

Mobile betting is about placing bets straight from your mobile device (it can be a tablet or your smartphone). That’s the main difference as it runs the same as the traditional sports betting (in terms of the odds and the types of bets you can place). Therefore, the differences come in terms of visuals and wagering process.

As phones feature smaller screens than laptops and desktops, the chances are that the sportsbooks aren’t going to fit all the same icons and graphics in just one place. You should check the same app for the mobile and desktop version and see the differences on your own.

Even if the pages are going to display the same wagers and games, the layout is going to be pretty different. The free option isn’t going to be large enough to accommodate the bet slip. You may find, however, find a “Bet Slip” icon at the bottom right, allowing you to add the wager to it. Just go over the steps and see how to do it right. You can do the same on your laptop so that you get the real feel of the differences.

Are mobile betting apps similar?

As with everything else in life, you can find a mobile app for all sorts of prices and with all kinds of advantages. At www.topbettingwebsites.co.uk you can read a comprehensive review on Bet365 mobile app, which is one of the most popular mobile betting apps at the moment. You can find out all the details you need about Bet 365 and learn how to use it right.

Keep in mind that many online betting sites have developed betting apps for iOS and Android, with BetWay, 888Sport, and Bet365 being some of the most representative ones.

Is it difficult to place bets on your mobile?

Even though there may be some differences from one app to another, here is some general guidance when using a betting app on your mobile device:

  • Begin with logging into your account
  • Click the sport you’d like to place your bet on
  • Continue with clicking on the game you want to bet on
  • Surf the site for the “Bet Slip.”
  • Enter your current stake
  • You need to confirm your wager once again.

Are there any downsides when using a mobile betting app?

Mobile betting apps have plenty of advantages, but there are also some downsides which you may want to take into consideration:

  • You get signed out a lot

If you’re going to bet on your phone, you may find yourself in the situation when you’re betting on a going on the game. To have success, you may have to up-to-the-second information on the status of your game, and by doing so, you may cause some login problems.

For the live betting football, it’s common for the sportsbook to show which team has the ball. There isn’t many possession in football, and the chance for a win may depend a lot on the down and distance of the current drive.

When you’re going back and forth between several apps, you may get logged out as you’re going away for too much time. Therefore, you may have to sign back in and enter the wager once again. Even if it’s not that difficult, it gets frustrating after having to do it a couple of times. You may also lose some of the best odds too, especially when lines change rather fast.

If you have an iPhone, the password manager speeds up the process, and you don’t need to use the “Remember Me” function on the sign-in page. When you’re clicking on the password field, the iPhone is going to ask you automatically if you’d like to enter the specific password for the betting site.

  • You may need to switch pages often

The visibility for the lines/odds is one of the biggest challenges when using a mobile betting app. It depends a lot on the mobile sports betting app of your choice, but typically you’re going to go from one page to another for observing the spread, the money line or the total for a game.

Let’s take an NFL game where you’d like to find out about the entire slate of wagers for a match. Betting on the spread relates to the total of the game a lot. In the case of a game with a low total, many sharps aren’t going to lay many points. You may also create parlays with the spread, money line, and whole, and it’s easier to do it from a single page.

However, you need all of this information at the same time, and you want to do it all from a page. Unfortunately, mobile betting isn’t cut out for this sort of needs.

You’re not going to be able to see sportsbooks on a tiny screen as it’s only not going to fit on just one page.

Even if most mobile betting sited have been trying a lot for creating a user-friendly interface, the limitation isn’t going to vanish any time soon.

Should you try it or not?

It seems that more and more people are using mobile betting apps as they’re easy to use and reliable. Whether it’s because you’re watching a game on your TV and one from your mobile, using a mobile betting app has far more advantages than downsides. Just give it a try!