Mobile slots have become increasingly popular as the years have gone on. They offer players incredibly immersive games with state of the art graphics and gameplay. Although at brick and mortar casinos, slots are still some of the most popular games there. Deciding which one is better is a difficult decision as they both offer different elements for the player. 


Mobile slots are without a doubt one of the most convenient games available to players. Slots are simple enough to play already but with the added element of being able to play them from the comfort of your own home, slots have become a great game to relax and unwind to. A big difference between mobile and brick and mortar slots is the accessibility of the two, mobile slots can be enjoyed from pretty much anywhere whilst brick and mortar casinos require players to travel to their local casino. Even if you do make the journey to your local casino there is no guarantee that the slot you wish to use will be unoccupied, an issue that doesn’t exist with online slots. 


While mobile slots are exciting games in their own right, it must be said that the atmosphere inside a brick and mortar casino has yet to be duplicated in an online capacity. Mobile slots still offer excitement when players win but being able to win inside your local casino is something that many have wanted to do for years, with all the loud music and bright lights! Just hearing the other machines in the background can put players in a certain mood. This isn’t to say that mobile slots don’t manage to create their own atmosphere through the graphics and music that they use but there is no comparison with brick and mortar casino slots. 


While brick and mortar casinos tend to have hundreds of slots in their venue, this number does not compare to the sheer amount of choice that players can get from mobile slots. Brick and mortar casinos are limited in terms of capacity because of their land space, no such problem for mobile slots. They have literally thousands of slots for players to choose from, these slots also benefit from not being physical in other ways too. Multiple players can enjoy the same slot at the same time without having to worry about interfering with each other’s player. 

Social Experience 

Both offer unique social experiences for players, mobile slots have a friendly community but the players don’t speak face to face. This is not the same for brick and mortar casino slots. Socially, heading out and enjoying slots is much better than spending time online and enjoying slots. Whilst digital communication has been greatly improved over the past decade, there is no question that the real thing will always trump talking over the phone. 

Final Thoughts 

For convenience and sheer amount of titles, mobile slots are the way to go. However for an actual experience, brick and mortar slots are much better. They have an atmosphere which isn’t duplicated anywhere else and offer a face to face social experience.