Sports radio host Joe DiBiase took a shot at Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman on Twitter with an interesting Ryan Fitzpatrick stat.  The 35-year-old QB has 16 more passing touchdowns in his career than the former Cowboys QB, despite having 44 less starts.

Aikman saw the tweet and judging by his response he didn’t seem to be pleased with the stat.  His response to having less TDs than Fitzpatrick, “who cares?” 

Clearly Aikman cares, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have responded.  There are probably a few other people who would find this stat interesting, especially Cowboys haters.

The stat seems to indicate what many already claim, Aikman rode the Cowboys running game to three Super Bowl rings and the Hall of Fame.  A fact that seems to be supported by his interestingly low TD%.

Lots of people care Troy…