Things between Warriors star Klay Thompson and his lady friend Carleen Henry continue to get more serious.  For the past couple of days the two have been partying in Las Vegas ahead of her birthday.  

We received some information yesterday that says Klay is about to go public with Carleen, including a video of Klay wishing her a happy birthday on an elevator with a handful of roses.

We received another tip today with a picture of gifts from Cartier, presumably from Klay, that Carleen is bragging about with the caption, “Feeling pretty spoiled.”   

Saw you posting a lot about things getting serious with them and I couldn’t agree more. I follow her on IG and saw that she posted what I presume is a lovely early birthday present from Klay.

Carleen appears to be very close to being social media official with the single Splash Brother.  The fact that he’s giving her roses and Cartier lets us know that if he is still messing with other women, then she’s at least secured the main spot.