One of the most enticing fantasies we have inevitably all had when betting on sport is the dream of winning big on a single bet. We all know the scenario, you imagine yourself waltzing into your local bookmaker, or opening up your favourite sports betting app on a whim, and placing a small bet on odds that look too good to be true only to have it come to fruition in an epic victory. The best thing about these sorts of bets is that given the odds are so astronomically high and unlikely to pay out, the potential risk to you is minimal if it doesn’t play out as you had hoped.

However, these crazy success stories are not as far-fetched as they might first seem. Each year there are a number of stories of online sports betting fans getting wildly rich off the back of a risky, controversial wager. But what are some of the craziest, wildest, most controversial bets placed in 2019?

Tiger Woods and the Masters’ comeback

One of the most popular sports stories this year was Tiger Woods’ historic comeback in the Masters’ golf tournament this summer. Although many had long since discounted him from being in the running, Tiger Woods defied the critics and beat out the odds to secure a historic win in this most prestigious of tournaments. 

One individual got particularly lucky off the back of Woods’ win. James Adducci, a 39-year-old stock trader from Wisconsin, flew all the way out to Las Vegas to place the bet in person. With an $85,000 bet—you heard that right—on odds of 14/1 for Tiger to win, James Adduci secured himself an eye-watering jackpot of $1.275m. So massive was this figure, that this plucky gambler’s winning bet actually earned him more than many of the players in the tournament itself! In fact, this was the largest pay-out from a golfing bet the casino had ever given.

Wild accumulator bet results in massive jackpot

One of the most difficult bet types to get right, and for this reason most enticing, are accumulator bets. Due to how difficult they are to predict, accumulator bets have the potential to pay out very well if the stars align and your prediction comes true.

With that said, a bet placed by a William Hill customer recently saw them secure a massive jackpot off the back of one of these tricky wagers. After correctly predicting the exact outcome of a staggering 20football matches, this lucky customer earned himself a cool £185,162.09 from a modest £50 bet! Although the individual games might not have been the most difficult to predict individually, what makes this a truly astronomical feat is calling all 20matches right—an almost unheard of achievement! This just goes to show you the value in taking advantage of accumulator bets when the opportunity arises—you never know when they will  land you a massive pay-out!

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