Golf is regarded as royal sports as the sports kit is expensive and cannot be afforded by middle or lower class family. In case you love to play golf, and you are searching for cheap and best gol bags in UK, then you must purchase it online now. There are various kinds of golf bags that are available in the market, but the most popular one among them is  Longridge golf bag and master’s golf bags. In this article, we are going to look into the tips before purchasing golf bags online. Not only this, but we would also look at which one of them is used for a practice session and which of them is best for the golf tournament.

But first, let us know more about Long ridge golf bag and master’s golf bags.

  • Long ridge golf bag: – Long ridge is the leading and most reputed brand in the golf industry. The company produces various sports gears, but they specialize in Long ridge golf bag. Long ridge bag is suitable for the practice session and can be used by beginners.
  • Masters Golf bag: – When it comes to the tournament of golf, no one wants to look like a beginner and want to use the sports gear that wins the trust of the audience as well. Masters golf bag is designed keeping this in mind. The design is kept aesthetic and appealing. It can collect the clubs in seconds.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing golf bags from online e-commerce website.

  • Multiple e-commerce websites sell sports gears. But not all of them use HTTPS encryption. Hence before making any online payment while purchasing golf bags, one must check the URL of the website. In case it is unsecured it is advisable not to make a payment or purchase the product.
  • Check the golf bag product features. Product description and featured mentions on the e-commerce website helps us to understand whether they will be able to satisfy our needs or requirements or not.
  • Choose appropriate golf bag to suffice your needs: – As mentioned earlier, golf bags of practitioners are different than that of experts. Hence one must be sure which type of golf bag is suited best for playing the game of golf.

Common Features of long ridge or master’s Golf bags

  • Waterproof: – The outer covering of the bag is water-proof which helps them to keep the sticks dry during wet areas and rainy season.
  • Lightweight: – The fabrics used in the golf bag are lightweight, which makes them compact and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Trolley cart: – The bag comes with a trolley cart which enables sliding the kit to the desired location with little effort.

It must be noted that the golf bags fabrics may vary from one brand to another, and they could be of different weight as well. They can either be of 1.4 Kg, 1.6Kg, 2.4 or 2.5 Kg. One must check the product details.