In Madhya Pradesh sports can be classified in two categories.

1 – The Team Games

2 – Games that tourists can play and enjoy.

Team Games

Besides tens of street games being played in MP the most famous of all are two international games that are played in every part of Madhya Pradesh, viz. Cricket and Football.


It is played everywhere in the state, even in the narrow lanes by kids. It is the best game enjoyed by youngsters and elders all over. Now-a-days girls and women folk also play this game very much.  In order to help and support the players rather, good players,  the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) has been working since 1940 very actively with its headquarters in the city of Indore. The previous name of the association was the Holkar Cricket Association of MP. This association is affiliated with the country’s “Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Regular cricket coaching is also provided to the interested youngsters by a residential academy for systematic fitness, nutritional guides and health check on a regular basis with meaningful recreation.  Full education facility is also provided to the talented and deserving cricketers. A well trained and experienced coach is always available to help and teach the intended cricket players.


Although not much but by many enthusiasts, Football game is also played at many places in MP. The official Football team of Madhya Pradesh is the “Madhya Pradesh Football Team”. It represented MP in ‘Santosh Trophy’ Indian football games Tournament.

However, it may be noted here very interestingly that besides Cricket and Football playing that are international games, the declared official game of the state of Madhya Pradesh is “Malkhamb”. This game is played by very young boys and girls performing yoga postures on a hanging pole of wood.

Games that tourists can play and enjoy.

Madhya Pradesh is the state where you can see a Tiger just a yard away. Seems unbelievable but it is there. Other interesting activities include zip-lining, river rafting, sliding, jumping, Trekking, Parasailing and many other sports. In fact, there is something of interest for everyone, according to the personal choice.  

  • Wildlife Safari – in the forest area of MP is a paradise for wildlife lovers where a large variety of flora and fauna exists.
  • River rafting is an activity that is the grace of MP. Betwa River is the place where you can enjoy the thrill.
  • Camping – is the choice of peace and serenity lovers. Highly enjoyable in the green carpet covered hills and valleys of MP.
  • Paragliding and Parasailing –  in the hilly area of Pachmarhi (the only Hill Station of MP) is a wonderful place to enjoy the thrilling sport of flying in the air – anytime of the year.
  • Water Sports – at Bargi Dam, an enchanting scenic place, you can enjoy Paddle Boating, cruising, ride water scooter and drive speed boat, very comfortably at your ease.

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