Mr. T swung back into action this week to support his favorite sport, firing off a volley of tweets urging his followers to watch the Paralympics.Mr. T, who made his name playing big-hearted toughman B.A. Baracus in 1980s TV hit “The A-Team”, tweeted about his love of for the sport. 

The American retired wrestler is also following this month’s Paralympics in Pyeongchang closely, in particular the version of curling adapted for disabled athletes.

“Wheelchair curling! This is my first time ever watching wheelchairs curling!” tweeted Mr. T, known for his gold chains and mohican haircut.

It’s crazy to see Mr. T is still alive and well. He’s been thru more than most, but he’s still dishing out his brand of craziness, and helping to promote the very underappreciated Paralympics.  

In the 80’s there was no bigger star, and it’s good to see he’s still rocking the Mohawk and chains. Watch below to see Mr. T sing his heart out.